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Anne Semonin Spa




Traversing Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel’s top two floors, Anne Semonin Spa overlooks Tbilisi in its sun-drenched brilliance. With its massive floor-to-ceiling windows, light pastel tones and aerial views, this 1,600-square-meter spa offers nourishment for all human senses. 

Equipped by infinity lounge pool, relaxation area, thermal suites, KLAFS© solariums, 9 treatment rooms, fitness centre and an outdoor pool, Anne Semonin Spa offers everything and more. Deluxe treatment collection presents an ingenious blend of aromatic essentials oils, trace elements and marine ingredients with the classic French touch and a holistic approach to treating the individual needs of your body and skin.

Anne Semonin Spa, Tbilisi, is staffed by professional therapists and fitness instructors eager to turn each guest encounter into an invigoratProcedures are conducted by means of aromatic oils, minerals and water-plant ingredients, which will help you to restore your energy. Several hours spent at Anne Semonin Spa is quite enough for shining with energy during a whole week! Membership card and procedure price includes:


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Mon - Sun 6:00 - 23:00