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Poker, Slots, Roulette, BlackJack and many other Gambling Games.

Casino IVERIA was established in 2009. Nowadays it is the most comfortable and modern casino. You can enjoy a glass of whiskey and delicious meals and play all popular table games (poker, roulette, Black Jack etc.) or try your fortune on modern slot machines. Game speed increases during weekly and monthly drawings. Highest limits are accepted and high sums are issued at the casino.

Casino IVERIA Tbilisi located in Radisson Blu Iveria works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Gambling space which includes 30 tables and 232 slot machines covers an area of 3100 sq/m. There are all conditions for entertainment and relaxation: you can buy chips by cash or credit cards. Qualified personnel care for comfort of gamblers. You can enjoy diverse cuisine with Georgian, European and Turkish dishes at the casino. Besides, there are 4 bars in a restaurant where you can order alcohol and non-alcohol beverages.

Casino IVERIA Tbilisi is located in First Republic Square in the center of the city, which ensures dynamic character of gambling environment. Premium halls are allocated for special customers who can get individual service of dealers. Casino offers drawings of different types to its guests on a regular basis:

USD 5 000 – every Sunday; USD 10 000 – every Friday; USD 50 000 grand prize – every month and USD 200 000 VIP Lottery.