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Radisson Blu Oasis Pool

Swimming Pool



Oasis Pool Club in Radisson Blu hotel is another upscale outdoor swimming pool (25m x 5m x 1.75m) in the very centre of the city. Daily admission price is 50 Lari on weekdays, 75 Lari on Fridays and 90 on weekends. Monthly unlimited pass for Oasis club will cost you 700 Lari (sauna and fitness centre are not included). Admission for the children younger than 12 is free. One year Golden Pass with access to indoor and outdoor pools and wellness facilities costs 490 Lari. The hotel also has a small indoor pool on the top floor, next to the oxygen bar, looking over the city through the glass walls. One day access to this spa will cost you 80 Lari.

working hours

Mon - Sun 6:00 - 23:00